Creamy Coconut Cake Recipe

Creamy Coconut Cake Recipe

Cocada is a delicious coconut-based sweet widely consumed in Brazil. Can you imagine the combination of this wonderful sweet with a very fluffy cake for your afternoon coffee? Here at TudoReceitas I will teach you this delicious white cake covered with coconut candy, very simple, easy and quick to prepare!

Check out all the details of this recipe for a creamy coconut cake that goes well with an afternoon coffee or to complete the dessert table at a birthday party. Pay attention to the step-by-step photos and try this cake with soft condensed milk coconut.

Ingredients for making creamy coconut cake:

For the white cake:

 2 eggs

 1 cup of sugar (160 grams)

 1 cup of milk (240 milliliters)

 2 cups of wheat flour (280 grams)

 2 tablespoons of margarine

 1 tablespoon of chemical yeast

Soft coconut cake filling:

 1 box of condensed milk

 1 tablespoon of margarine

 300 grams of grated coconut (3¾ cups)

How to Make Creamy Coconut Cake:

For the cake, just mix all the ingredients in a container with the help of a fouet (as in the picture). Just leave the yeast last, that is, after the dough is homogeneous and uniform, then add the yeast.

Tip: An important tip for preparing any cake is to always use the ingredients at room temperature. This way the cake dough bakes correctly in the oven, without wilting afterwards.

For the soft coconut filling with condensed milk, mix the grated coconut well with half the condensed milk box and the tablespoon of butter.

Grease a pan with margarine and wheat, pour in the cake batter and spread it out well with a spatula. Then, just cover it with the previous coconut candy mixture, as shown in the image, and place it in a preheated oven at 180 ÂșC for 40 minutes or until it becomes golden.

After the coconut cake is ready, use the rest of the condensed milk (the other half of the box) to finish the cake, just throwing it on top. Wait to absorb the condensed milk and serve! Now you know how to bake baked coconut cake, bon appetit!

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